The Process: Working With You


Once we hear from you, we will be happy to talk to you about our services and your options - all commitment free


To begin the process, we only require a deposit to get your booking confirmed.


We want to make sure the day itself is a meaningful experience for you and your family.For this reason we work closely with you to agree the agenda for the day, including film location and questionnaire that will give us all the important information for the interview itself.


(The day of filming) - With Covid guidelines in place, we will arrive in plenty of time to ensure a problem-free set up, making sure you are nicely settled in, looking your best and ready for your time in the spot light.


(The interview) - Making you comfortable is our main priority. We make sure you have the dedicated time to share your incredible stories, relive moments dear to you, and that you are given the time you need so that nothing is left unsaid.


The footage captured from the day will be processed in our purpose-built editing suite.  We will apply all the tricks of the trade to ensure we show you in your best light, and that your video memoir reflects the high-quality, professionalism and polished finished, you can't achieve any other way. It's worth noting that you are able to upgrade your service package should you so wish.


On completion of the your video biography, the remaining balance is to be paid in full.


Delivering your finished video biography.


We understand what this video biography means to you, to your loved ones and future generations to come. We ensure the safe delivery of your video biography on a digitally robust USB stick, packaged securely and lovingly presented in a presentation box; along with a carefully selected quote, from your interview. 


We're committed to making a difference. This is why we will make a donation for every YST video biography we create, to your chosen Charity. This will be donated under the family’s name.


Leave us a review and share your experience with others.

We feel blessed, proud and privileged that you should invite us to work with you.

We'd like for you to share with those that are considering working with Your Story Told, just why they should.

All contents of the interview will be safely archived for 1 year unless otherwise instructed.