Hi. My name is Mike and this is my story.

When I started my documentary filmmaking career 16 years ago, never would I have thought my career and life path would bring me to where I am today.  

The birth of ‘Your Story Told’ has come from a very personal place. My father was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2018. In a somewhat cruel and twisted way, we can consider ourselves ‘fortunate’ that we’ve been given notice that the world will be calling ‘Time’ on his stay here. This I know resonates with so many.

It was my wonderful dad that instigated Your Story Told and everything it stands for. My career revolves around video production - interviews and documentaries. My dad wanted to record his video memoir and this is exactly what we did. I documented the hardest yet, most beautiful interview I will ever have to do.

A video for loved ones to keep

We see a video biography being more than just a simple video.  We see it as an opportunity to help an individual truly express joy, happiness and even sorrow. It’s a way to send a message to loved ones and an opportunity to professionally capture and share life stories to be relived and enjoyed over and over again by all.


Our interviews opens up a communication channel to prevent missed opportunities, to ask, to hear about, to capture their loved ones  ‘Adventure of life’ being told in their own words.  

Experienced support throughout recording your video biogrpahy

As an experienced interviewer and documentary filmmaker, the footage is steered and captured in a beautifully organic way.


I understand how difficult the road is ahead and I want to help as many people through this journey as possible. It is from personal experience, genuine compassion and the desire to document and celebrate life, that we offer our carefully designed packages.



Get in touch, we’re here for you.