Why Record a Video Biography?

​Filming a video legacy helps an individual to identify the threads and themes in one's life. It is a healing and transformative journey. A video biography contributes to recorded history and is one's legacy to family, friends, and the world.


5 reasons to record a video biography:

  • "Allows the individual to truly express happiness, love and sorrow", bringing comfort to all those involved - an opportunity to leave nothing unsaid.

  • Having something to remember a loved one by can really help with the grieving process.

  • Helps preserve a loved one's legacy - capturing them in their best light and how they want to be remembered.

  • Through a beautiful conversation, our interview opens up a communication channel to prevent missed opportunities to ask, to hear about, to tell...

  • A professional quality, edited video that captures a loved one's account of life's best moments, as told by them, in their own words. 

"To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die"